Frequently Asked Website Optimization Questions

Can I have TherapyWebsiteSuccess target search terms other than those you initially identify as priorities?

Yes. Once we send you the initial list of search terms to target, we ask you to review the list and let us know if there are other terms you'd like added or any you'd like removed. You may also request us to add or remove search phrases from the list of terms we're targeting at any time.

Is there really no limit to the number of search terms I can target?

There is no limit with one important caveat. We can effectively target only a limited number of phrases per page of your website. So, the number of terms you can target is only limited by the number of pages on your website.

Can TherapyWebsiteSuccess perform my site optimization for me?

No, unfortunately not. We provide our members step-by-step instructions to optimize their sites. You may perform the optimization and implement the suggested changes yourself or have your webmaster do it for you. If you need help optimizing your site, contact us and we will be happy to refer a couple of vendors who can assist you.

Do I need to optimize my website to achieve top search engine rankings?

While you don't need to optimize your site to benefit from our services, the more of our optimization suggestions you implement the faster you'll see results and the more control you'll have over the terms for which your site achieves top search engine rankings.

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Frequently Asked Article Distribution Questions

Can I review the articles you write prior to you distributing them?

Yes. Each month we'll provide you a unique, high-quality article written on your behalf that relates to the search terms your website is targeting. You have 14 days to edit the article as you see fit and return it to us for distribution. You may even substitute it with an article of your own. If we don't receive any edits or an alternate article from you within 14 days of sending you the original, we will distribute the original to the sites in our distribution network.

Can I publish the articles you write on my website?

Yes! The articles written on your behalf and provided to you each month are wholly owned by you. You may add the articles to your website. You can use them in your own newsletter, or in any other way you'd like. But the real value of this system comes from having these articles distributed for you and the hundreds upon hundreds of backlinks this content distribution provides your website, month-in, month-out, for as long as you're a member.

Can I get a list of the sites where my articles have been published?

Unfortunately not, at least not in this system. Protecting the integrity of our network and protecting the privacy of site owners will always be a big deal to us. The only way you can see where an article has been published is via the standard searches in Google. In some cases, depending on the configuration of the destination site, you may get pingbacks to the URL(s) in your article.

How can I check the number of backlinks my website has?

You can easily use any of the search engines or a free service such as But keep in mind, these free services usually don't provide the most up-to-date information nor do they provide complete listings of the backlinks to your website.

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What happens to my articles if I cancel my paid membership?

Your articles in the system are disabled (not deleted) when your subscription period runs out. If you pay again within 90 days, all your articles are immediately reinstated. In other words, when your subscription period runs out, the system simply stops creating and distributing new articles. Other than this, you may keep the articles and use them however you'd like as they are wholly owned by you.

What happens to the links in my articles that have been published on sites if I cancel my paid membership?

Zero, nothing, nada. All the links in the copies of the articles that have already been published on sites remain intact. The system doesn't touch those links. The site owners of the sites where your articles were published are unaware that you're not a paid member any longer.

Do you publish my articles on article directories, such as EzineArticles and Article Dashboard?

Yes. We not only publish articles on sites that owners voluntarily connect to our network, but we submit our members' articles to over 1,000 article directory sites as well.

What can these sites do with my articles?

Site owners are not allowed to change or remove your links in any way or form, and they are not allowed to republish your article somewhere else as their own work. They are allowed to add their own links to the article, and they are allowed to insert ads into the article. They are also allowed to correct mistakes in the article, and they are allowed to completely delete the article from their site. Not many site owners will delete articles, because they added their blogs to the network specifically to get fresh content for those blogs.

Is my name inserted in an article when it is published?

It depends. When we submit your articles to article directories, your name is included as the article's author. When articles are distributed to blog network, the articles are published anonymously. Your name is never ever inserted anywhere in these versions of your articles.

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Frequently Asked Account Questions

Can I submit multiple websites to TherapyWebsiteSuccess?

Unfortunately not. Only one website may be submitted per membership. If you'd like us to optimize and write articles for more than one website, you'll need more than one membership.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling your subscription is super easy, and it's completely under your own control. Simply log in to your PayPal account, locate the subscription transaction, and cancel the subscription there.

What happens to my articles if I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, your articles remain active and will be distributed until your subscription period runs out. Let's say, for example, you subscribed on September 12th. That means your paid subscription period runs until October 11th. If you cancel your subscription on September 30th, your account will remain in paid status until October 11th, because that's the period you have paid for. At the end of your subscription period your articles will be disabled and they will stop being distributed. They will remain dormant in the system for 90 days. If you again upgrade your account to paid status within those 90 days, your articles will be restored and they will automatically be distributed again.

What happens to published articles if I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely nothing happens to them. Copies of your articles that have been published on article directories and blogs remain there. Our system does not (and cannot) reach out and remove them from those sites.

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